Employee care

                        1. Organization care

                          ■Set the president mailbox and president day to enable each staff to reflect personal apeals or suggestions of rationalization. There will be rewards for staffs once their suggestions are adopted.14761543132331.jpg

                          ■The workers of highest producing efficiency will be publicly praised and awarded.

                        2.Humanistic care

                          ■Birthday celebration cash: Each year,every single staff owns birthday celebration cash from company.

                          ■In hospital caring cash: Standardized in hospital caring cash for the staffs in hospital.

                          ■The company will positively help the staffs who and whose direct relatives are suffering heavy accidents or difficulties.

                        3.Safety care

                          ■Transportation guarantee: Free bus service for on and off duty.

                          ■Free physical examination every year for each staff.

                          ■Free labour protection appliance at regular intervals,and free heatstroke prevention medicines and drinks.

                        4.Career care

                          ■Further education for technical engineers and chief workers at Xi Hua University.

                          ■Training and promotion system: Providing young staffs more chances by normative internal training and reserve cadres training system.

                        5.Welfare care

                          ■Holiday welfare as articles for daily use and shopping cards.

                          ■Providing free working meals for staffs at dining hall.

                          ■Salary shall be increased year by year since the entry to company.

                          ■Entertainment and sports: All staffs enjoy the same right to participate in the sports and entertainment activities like anniversary celebration,anual celebration,spring outing,basketball game...