Environment protection

                        Zigong Pump pursues the sustainable development of environment friendly and comprehensive coordination. We consider not only the developing requirements of contemporary age, but also the needs of our descendants, as it is the historic responsibility for people nowadays to leave behind a good environment to our descendants.

                        During its business activities, Zigong Pump sticks to the principle of “Harmony of products and environment, mutual progress of enterprise and society”, established and improved the enterprise environmental protection system, which enables the conformance to the national standards of “three wastes” and health requirements, and therefore never happened a pollution accident in history. Especially in the recent years, Zigong Pump focuses on the safety production and enviroment protection, in the same time increases the investment of technology and promotes the progress of energy-saving and emissional reduction:


                        ◆ Zigong Pump comprehensively promotes the technology reforming of the production lines, eliminates the facilities of high energy consumption and low efficiency, updates the product workmanship, newly installed the advanced facilities as CNC boring & milling process center and resin sand moulding production line to reduce the the power consumption and improve the environment. 

                        ◆ Zigong Pump strives to develop the products series of ZZ, ZWX, ZBG, ZLH, ZLX, CL, ZSS,S(big diameter), D(big diameter), which all conform to the industry policy and requirements of government.

                        ◆ After constant improvement and optimization, Zigong Pump has managed several key production technologies of pump industry,which further enhanced the products quality and increased the prodcution efficiency. Therefore, established the technology basis of low carbon and green industry.