Technology innovations

                        Innovations are the basis of survial and development for a company. As a national hi-tech. enterprise and a provincial technology center, Zigong Pump insists the market-oriented policy,and established an effective company technology innovation system to realize the innovations of products. Furthermore, there is a strategy committee of innovation which job is to realize the functional innovations of the whole company.During the process of strategy innovations, Zigong Pump guides the direction and keys of technology innovations,increases the input of innovation steps, constantly improve the system to break the bottleneck, maximally stimulates the innovative enthusiasm of employees to provide the pwoer for the sustainable development of Zigong Pump.

                        ■ Supported by a team of innovative and experienced engineers and technicians.

                        ■ Equipped by advanced pump inspection & testing center and material performance analysis instrument.

                        ■ Equipped by advanced foundry, finish-machining and plate welding facilities.

                        ■ 3.2% plus investment of the annual sales amount for the R&D.

                        ■ Adopted CFD,Pro/E,CAD and other design softwares to create the basic conditions of informatization.

                        ■ Combinated both internal and external trainings; Five special subject R&D team; Unlimited innovations 


                        ■ Established strategy cooperation with universities to share resources and achievements.

                        ■ Initiated the principle of people-oriented, maximally provides the staff with development and